Greetings, Marysville Public Schools’ (MPS) community member(s).  Welcome to the FeedbackForum portal of our website—a place where parents, students, employees and community members can ask questions, make comments, offer suggestions, express concerns or give compliments to the District.

 Every submission to our FeedbackForum is automatically sent to the appropriate department where it will be thoughtfully reviewed and addressed.  Although you have the option to remain anonymous, you must share your contact information in order to receive a response from district staff within three business days.  To get started, simply click on the name of the department or school on the right, identify your needs and submit your electronic form.

 We appreciate your continued support and involvement of MPS.  Thank you for your participation; your opinions are important to us.

FeedbackForum is an online resource that allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas, but it is not intended to replace face-to-face conferences or phone conversations.  Furthermore, please be aware that FeedbackForum should not be used to report any safety concerns or dangerous circumstances.  Those matters should be reported immediately to either the Marysville Police Department at 810.364.6300 or our district's Central Office at 810.364.7731.
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